Medical treatments for rosacea usually consist of antibiotics, oral or topical. An overview of drug treatments can be found here. Besides medication,  light therapy, like IPL is an option. There are new drugs in development, but it can be a long time before they reach the market.

On the Internet you can find information about alternative treatments and self-help. Lots of information. You can read about the experiences of others and what has helped them. Maybe you decide by reading all those experiences that you will try  their method. Every time there is the hope that it will be a miracle cure and you will often discover that it helps a little (but every little bit helps), or it does not work, or that it just completely counterproductive. (It is very frustrating that there is really nothing that helps everyone.) Please be aware that some methods for selfhelp can cause damage even methods that are labeled as "natural" or homeopathic.

It is sometimes difficult to decide which treatments are worth investigating. On the one hand there are the genuine experience of others with rosacea and they want to help others in the same situation, on the other hand, there are smart sellers who will try to sell you anything, and some even guarantee their method works. (If it's too good to be true, then it probably is.)

watch out for:

    Secret formulas: Real scientists share what they know
    Miracle cures and "breakthroughs."
    Quick, painless and guaranteed solutions

All of this does not mean that conventional treatments do not work for anyone, but if they don’t then you might have to rely on self-help and alternative methods. Below I have collected information on alternative and self-help methods.

Overview of "alternative treatments" for rosacea and useful tips;

Zinc oxide seems to have an anti-inflammatory effect . Before there were chemical sunscreens on the market was zinc oxide was used in sunscreens. The major disadvantage of zinc oxide was that it leaves a white film on your skin. It is still sometimes used in sunscreens, whether or not in combination with titanium dioxide (a natural sunscreen). Furthermore, zinc oxide is used in mineral makeup and creams for babies (for diaper rash). If you want to try, zinc oxide, please note the formulation of the product. If you do not want to walk around during the day with a white film on your face, you can choose a sunscreen which is labeled as transparent. or use it only while sleeping. Also, sometimes they are difficult to wash of, so be careful not to scrub your face.

    Avoiding triggers is generally considered a good way to calm rosacea. Many surveys show " that diet" can be a trigger. There are several reasons for this. Read more here.

    Some benefit from a low histamine diet.

    READ!: The FREE e-book "the room warm flush" by Australian Sciences. It's about flushing in rosacea. Although it is not really a self-help method, it does contain interesting information. (EDIT: It seems to have been deleted, I have a copy on my computer, you can download it here:

The daily use of a sunscreen, even if it is not so sunny. Here you can read more about sunscreens for sensitive skin and sun damage, a possible cause of rosacea. It is recommended to use SPF 30 or higher.

    Fighting demodex folliculorum. This mite is sometimes mentioned as a possible cause of rosacea subtype 2. In the scientific literature, Tea Tree oil listed as an effective agent against this mite. Unfortunately, Tea Tree oil is not exactly kind to the skin and it can irritate and sensitize the skin. It stinks ! It will make your eyes tear.. Be especially careful with it and certainly do not use it near your eyes.

    Ice Cubes: Sucking on ice cubes can stop flushing (temporary).

    Aloe Vera is a classic remedy for sunburn and some people with rosacea have benefited. Tip: Keep it in the refrigerator, it will  always be cold as you need it) Another option is niacinamide in creams.. Read here for other "natural ingredients in skin care products which might  be effective for skin conditions

    Stress management techniques, stress is bad for the skin.

    Always wear sunglasses to protect your eyes, especially if rosacea is affecting your eyes.

    Read the label of your nutritional supplements, niacin for example will cause flare ups

    Make sure you get enough sleep, too little sleep can lead to stress and stress is bad for the skin.

    Use a non-irritating cream to protect against cold and windy weather. A scarf can also help, but make sure you do not get too hot.

    Make sure it is not too hot in the house and do not go too close to a heater or fireplace.

    Another diet, it is anti-inflammatory diet.

    Also read this article about Rositta, given the number of positive responses, it  should be included in this list as an alternative treatment.English version, dutch version with comments and pictures.

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